February 05, 2006

Palace Revolt (by Bush appointees)

Newsweek investigation.
"They were loyal conservatives, and Bush appointees. They fought a quiet battle to rein in the president's power in the war on terror. And they paid a price for it."

Evesdropping w/o court order on ~5000 finds virtually nothing

Arlen Spector, Republican Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, says (on Meet the Press today), that the domestic evesdropping program appears to be "in flat violation" of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
  Washington Post details the lack of cause for evesdropping on Americans, let alone doing this while scorning the FISA Act and court.
  "Computer-controlled systems collect and sift basic information about hundreds of thousands of faxes, e-mails and telephone calls into and out of the United States before selecting the ones for scrutiny by human eyes and ears."
 " ...a search cannot be judged "reasonable" if it is based on evidence that experience shows to be unreliable"...
But Americans accept the loss of freedom easily, not even asking the President to get retroactive approval from the FISA court.
  "Speed" is a phony argument. It just doesn't stop.
  Since the news is so grotesque, I'm adding to the blog only now and then.
  But, why do we want to 'spread freedom' to other countries if we're so eager to give up basic freedoms here?