April 24, 2009

EARTH, Disney presents - for Earth Day

Went to see this beautifully filmed movie today, literally awe-inspiring. Caution: sometimes the predators win, as we know, and it's not super sugar-coated.

If you're on fast Internet, click on "HD" at lower right of video for higher-definition video.

Opened at theaters on EARTH DAY April 22nd 2009

At Youtube, when clicking on "(more info)" button, you'll see the following text and a bit more:
'This amazing new [Disneynature] film is from award-winning British producer/director Alastair Fothergill, whose credits include the Emmy and Peabody award-winning "Planet Earth" series (BBC and The Discovery Channel) and "The Blue Planet."

Follows the epic migratory journeys of four animal families [polar bears, African elephants, humpback whales, birds] as well as the earth's journey around the sun and the massive influence it has on all life on the planet, from the Arctic spring to the Antarctic winter."

We follow them, via stunning cinematography work, over the course of a year.

  Over the credits at the end of the film, there were some explanations and examples of how they got some of that footage and I'd love to see a video on the making of the film, which began its life as the BBC Series "Planet Earth" shown on Discovery Channel and is, itself, available on DVD sets.  The theatrical release of Earth is still in the theaters but this DVD can be preordered.

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