November 08, 2006

Somewhere in Italy, my Bach-Siloti prelude and rabbits

Speaking of Italy (5 months ago ... I'm a bit behind), I was tickled to find a short video online, somewhere in Italy, using, appropriately enough, a short piece I recorded a couple of years ago when getting my then-new Yamaha. It's a transcription by Siloti -- in 19th Century style, with lute-like bass -- of a prelude by Bach. Romantic in style, it was written for his daughter when she was young. Protty's set of videos that record aspects of lives of rabbits are viewable here (translated to English via Google webpage-translator, and some wonderful photos are here on Robert Ellero's site.


Blogger kinakogirl said...

Hi Andrys.
Your photos are amazing. Most impressive. I am thinking of buying a digital camera, can you reccommend any? I guess I'd like to pay around 500-700 dollars.
Thanks for your comments. I really like your blog as well. Cute photos of the bunnies. Nice link.

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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