December 25, 2005

Christmas Day

Thoughts on Xmas Day and the so-called "War on Xmas"
A day originally to celebrate the birth of Christ and what that means to people today -- but especially what it does not mean to so many who have manufactured a
false "war" on Christmas -  maybe because "war" is a word which holds much attraction for them, almost as much as "win."

The original story starts with 3 men bearing gifts for a newborn in Bethehem.  Note they didn't run around finding gifts for one another;  the focus was on what this birth meant to them and they were paying their respects, as it were.

Many years later, and we hear the adult voice of Jesus.  Speaking words that unsettled many in his own time - and certainly would today.  What would the pollers find?
What was he advocating?
. Feeding others who are hungry (because in feeding them
  one would be feeding him).
. Clothing those without clothes.
. Giving shelter to those without shelter.
. What you do for the least of us, you do it for him, he said.
 You know what would happen to him if we encountered his speeches today?
   "Bleeding liberal!   Wimp!   Far-left wingnut!   Pinko commie!"

So much for "celebrating Christmas" ...
Maybe some unhappy with 'liberals' might go back and read more carefully what were reported to be Jesus' words and actions.
(Recommended: Matthew 25: 35-36 ... Luke 3: 11)
"Conservatives" (conserving things as they are, no big changes) often prefer here a 'spiritual' interpretation of the teachings (there's less to give up!), but that interpretation rests on the soundness of the physical basis.

 He was not a really peaceful guy, all in all (very upset with moneychangers using the 'temple' to do their changing), a man who felt very strongly about what he felt we owe one another.

As presented, a real radical, then and now.
They crucified him.  What would we do?


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