November 10, 2005

Should the Republican Party be concerned?

Little reported election results that should give some pause, collected by William Rivers Pitt and Mark Green.
"Beyond the epic victories of Mr. Kaine in Virginia and Mr. Corzine in New Jersey, beyond the ... defeat handed to the Governator in California, beyond the defeat of an anti-gay ballot initiative in Maine, there were these ...:
  . In the 94th District legislative race in Missouri, Democrat Jane Bogetto stunned locals with a 58 percent victory, becoming the first Democrat to win the seat in 58 years.
  . In Erie County, New York, Mark Polocarz, a young Kerry '04 activist, became the first Democrat to capture the county comptroller's race in 30 years, winning easily by 18 percentage points.
  . In Suffolk County, New York, Democrat Kathleen Rice defeated 30-year incumbent Dennis Dillon for DA, and Brian Foley got elected town supervisor of Brookhaven, the country's largest township, after a 30-year reign.
  . In St. Paul, Minnesota, Democratic mayor Randy Kelly lost 2-1 to another Democrat because Kelly had crossed party lines to endorse President Bush in 2004.
  . In Corning, New York, Democrat Frank Coccho, a self-employed plumber, became the first Democratic mayor in 50 years."


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