November 16, 2005

GOP Senator Hagel explains Patriotism to Bush Administration

Senator Chuck Hegel (R-Neb.), in a speech to the Council of Foreign Relations, stressed that "...the Bush administration must understand that each American has a right to question our policies in Iraq and should not be demonized for disagreeing with them."
    "...To question your government is not unpatriotic
     -- to not question your government is unpatriotic ...
    America owes its men and women in uniform a policy worthy of their sacrifices."
    He accused the administration of "dividing the country" with its rhetorical tactics and suggested, "You could probably argue it is worse in many ways in the Middle East because of consequences and ripple effects."
Full story at Washington Post here.


Blogger Dana said...

I came across your blog by chance. I was pleased to read the posts, for there aren't yet enough people spreading the discouraging words about the Bush League. I would also be interested to read your own responses to the news snippets you quote, though the act of posting them tells me your general views. Hang tough.

1:57 AM  

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