November 09, 2005

Fitzgerald still actively investigating Rove

Update Nov. 9 - Rove's top assistant Susan Ralston is scheduled for more interviews with Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.  Backgrounder at Asian Week
    Washington Post reports (Nov. 3) that Fitzgerald was talking by phone "in the last 3 days" to Time Magazine reporter Matthew Cooper's attorney about conversations with Rove.
  Re "Official A" in Fitzgerald's indictment and his conversations related to the Plame leak, The Washington Post points out:
    "That kind of pseudonym is often used by prosecutors to refer to an unindicted co-conspirator, or someone who faces the prospect of being charged. No other administration official is identified in this way in Fitzgerald's indictment."
Update 2, Nov. 9 - Rebuttals of Limbaugh claims re Wilson 'outing' his wife earlier
    Hume takes advantage of Andrea Mitchell's Oct '03 statement twice this week.
        She explains, "I found it out from Novak." and adds "...we've got a whole new world of journalism out there where there are people writing blogs who grab one thing and not everything else that I've written and said about this and go to town with it. And if it, you know, supports their political point of view, then --"


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