November 17, 2005

Bush Sr.'s hand-written note to Joe Wilson re Valerie Plame leak

The Berkeleyan's Barry Bergman reports in the UC weekly, dated Nov 17, that Joe Wilson mentioned, in response to a question, the following nugget (here is the wording from the weekly:
Soon after he went public with his findings, Plame's identity was revealed, effectively ending her undercover career and — according to Wilson and others, including some of her colleagues — potentially jeopardizing the identities of operatives with whom she had worked both here and abroad.

That, Wilson suggested, explains why George H.W. Bush, a former CIA director, wrote him a "long handwritten note about how distressed he felt" over the outing of Wilson's wife. Wilson quoted the first President Bush as having said on several occasions that "those who would betray the sources of our intelligence are the most insidious of traitors," then added: "If it's good enough for George Bush it's good enough for me. I'm not his rebellious son."
    I thought I'd heard wrong about the note before and called Barry Bergman for a verification, and he pointed me to the Webcast -- go to 1 hr,2 minutes and 42 seconds into the podcast. Wilson says he wouldn't be divulging the contents of Bush Sr.'s note but that it was heartfelt and meaningful.


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"It's so un-fair! I also leaked Valerie Plame's CIA identity, but F-Y Cheney and the Turd Blossom get all that great publicity and I don't even get to see the Grand Jury!!It's so unfair!! very truly yours, Jeffy "Scoop" Gannon, Ace White House Press Reporter & Stud Whore

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