November 29, 2005

Bob Woodward's entanglements

Update. Nora Ephron on why someone who believes everything he is told by insiders can't discern a lie when he regurgitates it.
   "...why people love to talk to him; he almost never puts the pieces
          together in a way that hurts his sources...
    ...his sources can count on him to convey their version of events.
    ...Woodward spends most of his life reporting. He knows everything.
          What’s more, he has no idea what it adds up to."

Update. "Consternation" expressed by Broder and Robinson of WashPost, at end of Meet the Press, Nov. 27.
Update. Matt Cooper was no mere stenographer, in 2003. He remained a journalist with integrity (and brains, still).
Washington Post's internal message board discussions of Woodward's participation in the PlameGame -- his dismissing the investigation and investigator on various tv news shows while not mentioning his own involvement as an early Leakee.
From the Wikipedia, an amusing earlier assessment, by Joan Didion of America's most well-known payola pundit:
"The narrative, reporting-driven style of Woodward's books also draws criticism for rarely making conclusions or passing judgment on the characters and actions that he recounts in such detail.
Didion concluded that Woodward writes 'books in which measurable cerebral activity is virtually absent' and finds the books marked by 'a scrupulous passivity, an agreement to cover the story not as it is occurring but as it is presented, which is to say as it is manufactured.' "
To prove the point: Eskow's "Embedded Crony" and
Lies? Or Huge new leak?
Columnist married to a Washington Post editor tries to justify Woodward's actions, drawing a lot of venom from blogspace. She says we know more about the war due to his quiet access;
actually, we know only what they told him to write for us.


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